Looking back at formerly game-changing ideas, name one that you had high hopes for, but did not work?

Google Glass is a prime example of technology being ahead of its time, but ultimately failing to gain traction. While the concept of the physical unit failed for multiple reasons, its healthcare implications lived on and ultimately evolved into the rapidly expanding markets of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Each of these technologies have very exciting applications depending on the intended market audience. 

William Garner, CEO and chief creative officer


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Year Founded: 2003  

Employees: 35

Sample Clients: Johnson & Johnson, Genentech, Amgen, Teleflex, Philips, 3M

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Tipping Point Media (TPM), headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, delivers award-winning, interactive training and digital marketing. We specialize in the development of some of the most technically advanced, engaging, and measurable solutions in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries.

Our promise: Our team of educators, medical experts, certified programmers and digital artists are dedicated to revolutionizing the learner’s experience. It is our promise to achieve effective and proven results through the power of collaboration. 


Custom iPad applications and algorithms — 3D interactive MOA/MOD medical animations (marketing and training)

3D medical procedure and surgical simulations (iPad, android, and browser)

Augmented reality

Virtual reality 3D simulations (Oculus Rift)

Digital magazines (branded and non-branded)

TPM CAMPUS — virtual university (marketing and training applications)

Gamification — 2D and 3D simulations

Patient and HCP education

Branching logic strategies/scenarios

For a complete list of capabilities, view our demo reel by visiting: www.tipmedia.com/Demo-Reel-2016.