What is one game-changing idea that didn’t come to pass in 2017 that you think will this year?


With 85 investigational drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease in clinical trials or under review by the FDA in 2017, it was surprising that a much-anticipated breakthrough in treatment didn’t come to market. When one does, it will for sure be a game changer.


Michael Hooven, president and CEO


Fast Facts

Address: 2863 East Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241


Phone: 513-326-2800


Website: www.enableinjections.com


Year Founded: 2010


New Business Contact: Josh Gordon, 513-326-2801, [email protected]



Founded by medical device industry veterans, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Enable Injections develops and manufactures wearable devices that allow easy, comfortable patient self-administration of large volume and high viscosity drugs in doses from 4 to 50 milliliters.


The Enable body-worn enFuse drug delivery platform utilizes any standard container closure system, including syringes or vials, and automatically warms and can automatically mix lyophilized solutions. Enable’s devices are available for pharma and biotech industry investigational use.


Connected devices are driving most pharma companies to partner with original equipment manufacturers to enable real-world insights and provide improved patient experiences. Connectivity that can provide valuable data to physicians and pharma companies has greatly eluded the emerging large-volume wearable injectors market — until now.


Incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy transmission, enFuse devices send the following data to a user’s smartphone via a secure connection:


When the Bluetooth hardware is powered on

When the device has begun dose delivery

When delivery has been completed


Market need is the impetus for Enable’s enFuse. The many large volume, viscous biologics in development require a far more patient-focused subcutaneous delivery mechanism than intravenous infusion affords. This is especially true as health systems transition to outcome-based reimbursement models. The ability to improve adherence to prescribed treatments and monitor clinical trials is paramount, as is reducing costs.

Of the on-body devices coming to market, only Enable Injections’ singular tech platform is powerful and efficient enough to deliver doses as large as 50 milliliters without the delivery rate limitations imposed by high viscosity.

The Enable Smart device can be pre-integrated into any platform, such as the medically-regulated, HIPPA compliant, open architecture Flex digital health platform. This gives Enable’s pharma partners the ability to:

Easily integrate with the platform


Gain access to patient data across multiple devices


Gain direct engagement with patients


Drive adherence


Avoid high upfront development and ongoing maintenance costs


Market a patient-focused, needle-free treatment option to replace the pain and inconvenience of intravenous infusions

As with all Enable Injections devices, the advanced Enable Smart device is designed to be easy for patients to use at home — or anywhere. The user simply opens the Enable app on their smartphone and the delivery device does the rest. That includes automatic warming of refrigerated vials or syringes in seconds, automatic lyophilization, and push-button simplicity in a small lightweight device developed to enable more comfortable subcutaneous drug delivery.