At W2O’s second Marketing Science Summit, pioneers in the fields of market research, social analytics and digital marketing shared the latest trends in marketing science, with a focus on the healthcare and tech industries. The one-day event, which featured keynotes, fireside chats and panels with industry experts, focused on how data and machine learning are transforming healthcare and how the thoughtful use of customer data can create value for everyone, from manufacturer to customer.

w2o marketing science summit jim weiss seth duncan kevin johnson

W2O founder and CEO Jim Weiss (center) goes over the highlights of the day alongside his company’s chief analytics officer Seth Duncan (left) and president of W2O marketeching Kevin Johnson.

w2o marketing science summit tom mitchell

At the second annual Marketing Science Summit, presented by W2O, Tom Mitchell, E. Fredken University Professor of Machine Learning and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon, gave the keynote address about how machine learning is changing the future of jobs and drug development.

mary michael otsuka ellern gerstein pfizer w2o marketing science summit

Mary Michael (right), VP of patient advocacy and stakeholder management at Otsuka, and Ellen Gerstein, director of digital content at Pfizer, explain how creating better content can lead to more positive patient outcomes. The panel was moderated by MM&M GM and editor-in-chief Steve Madden.