The demands of today’s healthcare ecosystem require greater focus and attention from key stakeholders than ever before. Meeting today’s complex challenges requires progressive thinking, effectively applied by those who understand where the market is trending and those who are willing to challenge the status-quo next generation solutions. The need to cost-effectively accelerate the time to market of new therapies has never been higher. Postlaunch real world evidence is required to optimize patient access. These market factors are the stimulus for this article.

New therapeutic options

The barriers to efficiently introduce new therapies are formidable. Many commercially available data sets do not contain the broad range of clinical data required to identify point of patient care opportunities for required research. Securing study sites with the appropriate patients who meet protocol criteria is often a slow and an expensive process.

Accelerating the time to market requires the efficiency of a data-driven resource that seamlessly facilitates clinical trial recruitment to optimize research. Fully integrated electronic health record data derived from a multi-specialty physician base can speed the process of securing the required elements to accelerate time to market.

Optimizing access through real world evidence

Obtaining real world evidence is essential to enhancing access, but doing so requires a wide range of resources, skills, and relationships. An effective path to optimized market access starts with a more efficient means to gather real world evidence.

The combination of a broad, diverse set of clinical data with customizable analytics tools, integrated with associated services, can provide the actionable insights needed to ensure the success of retrospective and observational studies, safety surveillance, and reimbursement, and ultimately secure appropriate medication access.

Physician communication overload

It has been estimated a typical healthcare pro in the U.S. is exposed to 4,000 ads per day. Combined with patients’ increasing demand for access to their healthcare cost data, including medication, and their reliance on their healthcare providers to provide the necessary context, it is understandable providers are overwhelmed.

The ability for biopharma companies to provide the appropriate product and patient support communication within an HCP’s daily workflow is essential to drive appropriate medication consideration and enhanced patient adherence to their individual care plan.

Transforming health, insightfully

Biopharma companies can identify opportunities to drive improvement against all these challenges and more.

Veradigm is the integrated data systems and services company that combines data-driven clinical insights with actionable solutions. It is positively impacting time to market for new therapeutic market entries by identifying appropriate patients, then combining that clinical insight with outreach and recruiting tools to determine prospective study sites and facilitate the recruitment of qualified HCPs through their daily workflow.

Delivering the industry’s largest commercially available ambulatory EHR dataset, Veradigm generates real world evidence, including de-identified clinical data combined with an innovative analytic tech platform for outcomes research, helping biopharma companies better understand the patient journey across the spectrum of care and into their daily lives.

Veradigm supports biopharma companies with a broad range of dynamic media solutions to effectively and appropriately communicate key messages to HCPs within their existing daily workflow.

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