What must industry do to ensure its patient engagement efforts best support the move toward accountable care?

We must get to know patients from the moment they become aware of a disease condition throughout their experience in order to create the structure and communications necessary for engagement and adherence. Saying we are patient-centric is meaningless if we don’t truly understand patient concerns, perceptions, and emotions and address them in a caring and supportive way throughout the disease experience. Only in working with and listening to patients, physicians, advocates and caregivers can we gain the insights needed to map out support programs to drive accountable care.


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Year Founded: 1997  

Sample Clients: Pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and healthcare companies


Ashfield, a division of UDG Healthcare is a global leader in commercialization services for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Operating across two broad areas of activity — commercial and clinical services and communications services — Ashfield focuses on supporting healthcare professionals and patients at all stages of the product life cycle. 


Ashfield’s commercial and medical services include a wide range of individually designed sales-oriented programs that can be implemented on their own or as part of a multichannel solution. Ashfield’s expert recruiting team, IT support, and account managers ensure that client needs are met and new solutions are offered.


Field sales teams — rapid deployment or gradual build teams are crafted by Ashfield’s expert recruitment team to drive immediate results and long-term solutions to sales programs.

Inside sales teams — located in Ashfield headquarters, these representatives can access and nurture HCP relationships in areas that may be difficult or less efficient to staff with in-person visits. By covering more areas and gaining access to decision-makers, inside sales offers flexibility and scale.

Contact centers — bringing together rapid solutions for patients and HCPs, Ashfield’s contact centers exceed client expectations by focusing on patients and achieving the client’s goals. Delivering support for patients with a human touch is what makes Ashfield’s contact centers unique. From recruiting to training, contact center employees at Ashfield provide unique personal service to help patients and HCPs. Ashfield contact centers are housed at company headquarters in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. The brand-new state-of-the-art facility was designed to provide exceptional value and superior service.

Service representatives — as an innovative approach to a changing healthcare landscape, the customer service model challenges the normal field sales model. This type of representative has proven ROI, increasing HCP interaction and brand value.

Patient support programs — improving adherence is key for patient health and for clients. From HCP education to patient visits, Ashfield’s patient services focus on improving patient interaction with a specific therapy or device. Education and personal interaction have measurable impact on adherence and patient satisfaction.

The basis for Ashfield’s approach to all client needs is derived from its core values: quality, partnership, ingenuity, expertise, and energy. Employing all values in each tailored solution, the client benefits from a fluid relationship based on tailoring programs to fit needs. Ultimately, the patient benefits from cohesive and accessible strategies.