What must industry do to ensure its patient engagement efforts best support the move toward accountable care?

Medications play essential roles in accountable care, so it is critical that pharmaceutical companies increase efforts to engage patients throughout their journey from symptomatology to therapy adherence. Patients will encounter access hurdles. Supporting them in overcoming hurdles will improve outcomes and enable pharmaceutical companies to better engage with patients, raise satisfaction scores, and optimize medication use across populations. 

Tucker Hurtado, research director


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Health Strategies Group is the leader in market access intelligence and research for biopharmaceutical professionals. From health plans to IDNs to ACOs, we transform syndicated and custom research results into practical knowledge and strategic recommendations so you can move confidently ahead. Recently, Health Strategies Group was ranked as the number one firm recommended to peers in the industry for market access.

Right questions. Right respondents. Synthesized results. Market access market research that moves you ahead.

Right questions. Our project leaders begin each assignment by developing hypotheses and analysis plans that leverage our base of knowledge in the segment. This ensures that we ask the right ­questions in the right way so we can deliver the answers you need to make your business decisions.

Right respondents. Our robust panel includes 23 of the top 27 health plans, leading ACOs and IDNs, and access to more than 27,000 specialist physicians.

Synthesized results. We synthesize research results into clear and meaningful answers to your questions. Impactful graphics and low text density make key points accessible and conclusions easy to understand.

With more than 17 years of brand access market research, we have deep expertise in a broad range of therapeutic markets and study more than 180 brands each year.


Health Strategies Group DecisionEdge Patient Access Journey assesses the patient journey for your disease state to reveal the factors that compromise access so you can identify barriers to patient access and determine how to overcome them.

Fueled by robust primary research with 600 patients moving through the access journey for your disease state, and with 50 specialist physicians and their office staff to assess perceptions of access barriers and current actions to support patients, DecisionEdge Patient Access Journey answers the following questions:

  • What is the patient access journey for your product’s disease state?
  • What are the most significant influencers of and barriers to patient access in this disease state?
  • What are your opportunities for addressing barriers to patient access in this disease state?
  • This research helps biopharmaceutical marketers:  
  • Identify barriers to patient access and determine how to overcome them
  • Determine patient education needs and resources
  • Develop patient programs

Visit healthstrategies.com/patientaccess to download your complimentary executive brief.