What must industry do to ensure its patient engagement efforts best support the move toward accountable care?

To ensure that patient engagement efforts best support the move toward accountable care, new strategies must promote patient wellness and sustain improved outcomes, all while demonstrating empathy at a human level. Specifically, the outreach should shape behaviors and emphasize such preventative care as annual checkups to prevent both readmissions and avoidable complications. By communicating effectively and proactively, overall costs for health providers will be reduced and patient satisfaction and healthcare efficiencies will see improvements.


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The public relations agencies of inVentiv Health — Biosector 2, Chamberlain Healthcare Public ­Relations, and Chandler Chicco Agency — form a global pure-play health communications group that offers best-in-class capabilities spanning public relations, digital and social media, medical and scientific education, and research and analytics. For more than 20 years, our worldwide health communications specialists have worked on more than 300 disease categories, over 130 product launches, and more than 140 regulatory approvals while garnering more than 400 awards and recognitions.

With such a diverse set of healthcare communications specialties, we deliver integrated counsel and expert insight from a variety of strategic perspectives. We consistently deliver communications that influence when and where health decisions are made.

Our proprietary Dialogue RoadMAP (Assessing Motivators, Actions, and Preferences) provides an in-depth understanding of patient drivers, barriers, details of their treatment selection and switching behaviors, and the overall journeys patients and their caregivers navigate. The analysis — which involves the identification and mapping of an audience’s digital worlds through a mix of methodologies including qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, and social media listening — can identify unmet needs, as well as crucial touchpoints.

Insights from the report can be used for the development of personas tailoring content or messages for deeper penetration and dissemination; highlighting the emotions, lexicon, and intricacies of each stage to inform the tailoring of communications for each touchpoint; informing digital strategy to shape multi­channel marketing planning; and identifying optimal design/UX to determine user scenarios.


Six strategic solutions enhance our full-service public relations capabilities:

Research and analytics focuses on using research at every level of the communications process from insights to program development to evaluation.

Corporate communications capabilities include corporate brand identity, internal communications, executive visibility and thought leadership, and CSR programs and philanthropy.

Issues management and crisis communications focuses on change or delay in regulatory status, product recall, activist pressure on corporate activities, congressional and regulatory hearings, and legislation and court cases.

Creative studios is a full-service design group with deep expertise in healthcare creative, advertising, interactive, and production services.

Digital and social strategy is dedicated to establishing community-based digital and social health innovations that will influence and ultimately change the way individuals, organizations, and governments approach or interact with healthcare.

Consumer health and wellness specializes in integrated communications campaigns, content strategy, influencer mapping and engagement, media relations and employee engagement.