What must industry do to ensure its patient engagement efforts best support the move toward accountable care?

Patients will be more satisfied with treatment if, as an industry, we get back to basics and focus on forging meaningful connections between consumers and providers. It’s all about relationships. With the shift to accountable care, providers and hospitals have an unprecedented opportunity to reimagine how they interact with patients beyond the office visit and to leverage technology to inspire and engage patients along their health journey. 

Scott Booker, CEO, Healthgrades


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As the most popular physician search and appointment site, Healthgrades empowers Americans to connect with healthcare providers. Each year, 30% of all doctor appointments nationwide are scheduled through our products. Building on this success, WriteMD is a division of Healthgrades that offers effective, highly targeted point-of-care solutions to pharma brand marketers.

Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, pharma brands achieved prescriber penetration and mass reach relatively easily, resulting in blockbuster drugs that became household names. But times have changed. Today an increasingly small percentage of doctors prescribe branded drugs. The adage that 80% of prescriptions come from 20% of doctors no longer applies. Now it’s more likely that just 1% of doctors will write 99% of prescriptions for a brand.

That’s why savvy pharma marketers actively engage with their high prescribers and seek opportunities to strengthen those key relationships. But current point-of-care marketing solutions require a blanket approach when it comes to reaching physicians and consumers. As a result, pharma brands can’t guarantee their messages are being targeted to the patients of the doctors who matter most and are likely to spend valuable budget on physicians who will never prescribe their drug.

Powered by unparalleled prescribing behavior data and the most accurate physician listings available, WriteMD gives pharma marketers confidence they’re reaching only the most relevant patients — ones who will appoint with a high-prescribing doctor.


WriteMD’s Prescriber Match solution enables pharma marketers to laser-focus point-of-care investments on high prescribers and the patients who see them. The Prescriber Match program maximizes marketing budgets through a strategic portfolio of tactics:

Focused Message: WriteMD can list-match more than 99% of high prescribers with full transparency so marketers know exactly which doctors are included in their campaigns.

Extended Consumer Exposure: With WriteMD, marketers can take their point-of-care patient impact from 30 minutes in a doctor’s office to 30 days across the internet. Campaign messaging begins with the appointment scheduling and continues right up to the doctor visit and beyond.

Exclusive Native Content Positioning: With exclusive premier placements on the digital profiles of high-prescribing doctors, pharma marketers can take the edge on the competition and keep their own brands top of mind for consumers.