What innovation has the most potential for disruption along the patient journey, and at which stage?

As social media continues to evolve, it enables patients to become more informed and involved in their treatment decisions. We know through credentialed analytics that patients are confidently and consistently discussing treatment challenges, frustrations, and successes within trusted online communities. As the conversations become more vibrant, industry can glean more directional insight into perspectives on products and therapies. This robust and powerful data can then be leveraged to identify information gaps and address them.

Dr. Theodore Search, Pharm. D., CEO, Skipta


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Year Founded: 2009

Sample Clients: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, MedDevice Companies, and their agencies of record

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Skipta is the leading social network of specialized online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals. Skipta’s growing network of more than 30 specialized online medical communities enables healthcare professionals to communicate, consult, and exchange information within private and secure platforms per physician specialty, healthcare profession, and disease state. Skipta supports the medical advancement of its members by offering a range of collaborative peer-based services that aid quality of care and contribute to improved patient outcomes.


Community Engagement — Reach HCPs where they are already engaged through a comprehensive campaign of proven tactics:

• Skoop — Targeted email communications delivered to credentialed and verified community members.

• Broadcast — Integrated advertisements viewable by community members, reaching them where they are most engaged.

• Showcase — Dedicated group page to disseminate product and disease state information.

• Compete — Engage and challenge targeted community members to test their knowledge against peers’ surrounding core content.

Community Research — Digitally collect insights and analyze dynamic HCP conversation:

• Gather — Platform developed to gain qualitative insight into conversations occurring within targeted communities; emphasis placed on stimulating conversation to uncover predetermined learning objectives.

• Listen — Comprehensive analytics on organic conversations surrounding supplied keyword or phrases; uncover online behaviors, preferences, and information needs of specialized audience.


Skipta provides a holistic approach by using its social media expertise to sort community data for relevant insights and harness those insights to inform and implement comprehensive and strategic communication plans.

Each community within the Skipta network provides a venue for healthcare professionals to interact with verified peers by specialty, fueling focused discussion and collaboration.

This rich information exchange provides a unique opportunity for healthcare stakeholders to gain actionable intelligence and meaningful insights from a ­targeted audience. Insights include the preferences and informational needs of specialized HCPs that are translated into strategic targeted campaigns.