Precision-based targeting refers to the process of using real world health data, analytics and advanced technologies such as AI to uncover and reach brand and campaign-specific patient groups as well as their associated HCPs. This approach allows healthcare marketers to deliver messaging that resonates better with their audience, ultimately leading to improved engagement and better outcomes.

The healthcare landscape is complex and diverse, with patients varying greatly in terms of their personal needs, preferences and behaviors. As such, a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing is no longer viable. Healthcare marketers need to understand their target audience at a granular level and tailor their strategy and messages accordingly. 

Creating a unified target across channels

In today’s complex media landscape, patients and HCPs engage across a highly variable breadth of channels, including websites, social media, mobile apps, radio, streaming audio, connected, addressable and linear TV. Therefore, creating a unified, omnichannel target is crucial for guaranteeing ideal reach and engagement. 

By leveraging AI, healthcare marketers can analyze large volumes of privacy-safe data including health records, social determinants of health signals, and engagement preference data to build a comprehensive picture of their target audience. This approach allows the creation of personalized and consistent messages across different platforms, improving conversion and Rx lift. 

The how and why of owning your audience

In healthcare marketing, owning an audience means having a unique data asset that is exclusive to the advertiser based on their specific campaign objectives. This allows healthcare marketers to be more efficient and effective in their advertising, driving optimal engagement and reinforcing a brand as the treatment of choice. Furthermore, a brand-exclusive target segment can also provide a competitive advantage, as it provides deeper insights and understanding of the ideal audience.

Ultimately, precision-based targeting, creating a unified target across channels, and owning your audience are crucial in healthcare marketing. By leveraging the power of data and advanced technologies, healthcare marketers can deliver personalized experiences that not only drive marketing success but also contribute to improved patient and HCP satisfaction and health outcomes. 

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