A trio of music stars are linking up this week to draw attention to the issue of healthcare affordability and price transparency in the U.S.

On Wednesday evening, hip hop luminaries Wyclef Jean and Fat Joe are teaming up with country music star Jelly Roll for an event in Washington, D.C. to push for a more affordable and equitable healthcare system supported by price transparency.

Fat Joe will emcee the event held at the Hamilton Live venue while Jean and Roll will perform in front of an audience that is expected to have congressional leaders and government officials in attendance, per a press release from nonprofit Power to the Patients.

Additionally, Fat Joe and Power to the Patients’ affiliate organization, Patient Rights Advocate, are slated to meet with elected officials to advocate for greater price transparency in healthcare.

“The U.S. healthcare system is America’s sickness,” Fat Joe said in a statement. “Healthcare price transparency  isn’t a partisan or complicated issue. It’s common sense. The only people opposed to it are  healthcare industry interests profiting by keeping patients in the dark. Price transparency can  protect patients, families, employers, workers, even our own government from healthcare  overcharging and pricing fraud as it does everywhere else in the economy. Clear prices allow  consumers to choose affordable treatments without worrying that routine care will result in  overcharges and even bankruptcy. Price transparency holds hospitals and insurance companies  accountable, forcing them to compete and lowering costs, improving healthcare access, quality,  and outcomes.”  

This isn’t the first time Power to the Patients has leveraged well known rap stars to bring awareness to hospital price transparency.

In September, Fat Joe joined Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Method Man, French Montana and Chuck D of Public Enemy for a 30-second public service announcement about affordable and equitable healthcare.

As part of that campaign, Fat Joe visited the White House to persuade the Biden administration to pass policies to bolster price transparency in the sector. 

In addition to his documented advocacy work, the Lean Back icon also memorably co-headlined the Industry Night concert at the HLTH 2023 conference in Las Vegas in October.

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