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Date: Thursday, January 28
Time:1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

Are you ready for a time warp? Ready to leave 2006 and welcome 2016? While the healthcare industry has been asleep, email marketing has become the leading firepower in digital outreach. Industries from retail to travel to financial services continue to evolve email optimization strategies that engage audiences and drive transactions, leaving healthcare in the dust with its head in the sand. How can you catch up?

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! There is a risk to participating in this webcast: you will have to change your mind or at least open it to new thinking that might produce an autoimmune rejection response. You’ll have to think about using email as the central nervous system that runs your cross-channel marketing. You’ll have to pay attention to a bunch of data that you really don’t want to mess around with, but which underpins the kind of delivery that drives response rates.

You’ll have to rethink email completely: from a one-off commodity product required by regulators to the petro that continuously fuels engagement for all of your marketing efforts. If you don’t, you’ll spend money and time doing the same ol’ same ol’. The insanity of doing the same thing over and over, wondering why the outcome isn’t any different has to stop. The message will be clear: catch up to the email channel. Now.

In return for your open-mindedness, we’ll divulge the best strategies to transform your current campaign, using email implementation designed for healthcare. We’ll share tales from the crypt, highlighting the inferior email elements we are still getting from top-tier pharma companies, medical marketing agencies, recruiters, hospitals, and universities. Don’t be comforted by the fact that you’re in good company. Be forewarned. Be scared. Be there on January 28th.


Roger Korman, PhD, President, DMD 

A healthcare data and analytics expert with more than 35 years of industry experience, Dr. Korman developed international businesses for 25 years for IMS Health, the world leader in health information services. While head of product development in IMS America, he built the first physician-level prescription database. In developing prescription databases in Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, he became a leading expert in legal and professional issues concerning physician privacy. Additionally, when he was president of IMS Canada, his business unit was recognized five times as one of the nation’s top corporations.

Dr. Korman entered the digital marketing sector 12 years ago at its nascent stage and has become the leading authority on leveraging the email channel in healthcare communication and promotion. In addition to presenting at major industry conferences on the email marketing evolution in healthcare, Dr. Korman leads workshops on email best practices for pharmaceutical companies and their creative agencies.

As DMD’s president, Dr. Korman led the company in building its data sourcing and authentication process. As a result, DMD maintains the first and only U.S. physician database successfully audited by BPA Worldwide, a trusted resource for compliance and assurance services. With its verified database and robust data analytics garnered from more than 25,000 email campaigns, DMD is now the largest provider of healthcare professional email services in the industry.

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