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Date: Wednesday, October 19

To ensure effective engagement, while maintaining transparent relationships between life sciences and physicians, companies would benefit from a complete stakeholder view. In today’s environment, firewalls separating commercial and medical teams have inhibited partnership, resulting in fragmented communication strategies.

Join Talitha Lynch, VP, Medical Affairs Planning & Engagement at a top 10 global pharmaceutical company, and Robert Groebel, VP, Global Medical Strategy, Veeva, as they discuss how to foster meaningful collaboration and strategic information sharing across the organization.


Talitha Lynch, Vice President, Medical Affairs Planning & Engagement, Global Medical Affairs 

Talitha joined a top 10 global pharmaceutical company in 2014 and currently is the company’s VP of medical affairs planning and engagement globally. Prior to joining, she was Senior Director, Medical Strategy & Portfolio Management at Eli Lilly & Company.

She also held several positions at Eli Lilly including Six Sigma Black Belt, Clinical Development in LRL, Group Director, US Affiliate Information Sciences-Commercial/Regulatory Communications & Medical Information, Neuroscience, Diabetes, Women’s Health, Cardiovascular, Director, US Affiliate Information Sciences-Commercial /Regulatory Communications & Medical Information, Neuroscience, Manager, Global Scientific Communications, Diabetes, and Global Medical Education Consultant, Diabetes.

Talitha attended Indiana University School of Medicine and received her Master’s in Medical Science.

Robert Groebel, VP, Global Medical Strategy, Veeva Systems 

With over 20 years in the healthcare arena, and diverse experience in commercial andmedical organizations internationally, Robert Groebel brings a skill set and perspectivethat is rare among pharmaceutical professionals.

He’s worked across both sides of pharma, in the medical affairs arena, and held senior commercial positions.


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