What trends do you expect to see this year at Lions Health?

We’ll see a stronger embrace of empathy — relating to what other people are experiencing with a particular illness or health issue. Going beyond simply caring, to understanding, relating, and participating in ways to effect change.

The other trend I see expanding these days is that ideas come from the most surprising places. Creativity can emerge from anywhere and anyone at any time. Medical breakthroughs aren’t just discovered by scientists and researchers anymore.

What’s gotten better (or worse) about health and wellness creative since your tenure as jury president?

In just three years, the explosion of work in health and wellness has been amazing. Whether it always hits the mark, or not, more people are exploring new ways to connect and make an impact with all things wellness than ever before. And what happened in 2014 at Lions Health was a major catalyst in that proliferation of ideas.

What is one takeaway from last year’s festival that you incorporated into your work?

That emotions are the drivers for everything we do. Of course, data and technology can help us find and connect with people. But it takes strong feelings to move us to action and change.

Who is one speaker not to be missed?

There’s a high school student named Olivia Hallisey, who designed a low cost, portable detection device for Ebola. A high school student changed the world. Like I said, brilliance can come from the most unlikely places.

How many years have you been going to Cannes?

I first judged on a Cannes Lions jury in 2009. I served on the outdoor jury, and technology was just starting to be applied there. It was a great point in time to be a part of celebrating new ways of thinking in what had traditionally been a pretty static space.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to some attending Cannes for the first time?

Take in all in. Absorb, listen, and meet as many people as you possibly can. Make those connections that will inspire you to go the next level and raise the bar.

Gutter Bar, the Carlton Terrace, or the Majestic?

The Majestic is my home base in Cannes. No question about it.

Kathy Delaney is global chief creative officer at Publicis Health.

(This Q&A has been edited and condensed.)