MM&M has opened nominations for this year’s class of the Top 40 Healthcare Transformers, people whose work at the intersection of healthcare and technology has changed the industry.

Nominations are also open for the Top 10 Innovation Catalysts, a list of marketers who have helped innovators connect with the greater pharma and healthcare worlds.

Since debuting in 2015, The Top 40 Healthcare Transformers feature has paid homage to a wide range of individuals, from health-tech entrepreneurs to in-house innovation gurus at traditional pharma companies and economists working on systemic reform. More recently, MM&M added the Innovation Catalysts, honoring those who have amplified the effect of health technology.

The Transformer category includes anyone whose work straddles the line separating healthcare and technology, who has embraced all things new and scary or led biopharma’s transformation into a tech-forward industry. Possible candidates can include health-tech entrepreneurs, data specialists, venture capitalists invested in health technology plays, or leaders of in-house innovation teams at pharmaceutical or biotech companies. Agency executives, consultants, and media executives are not eligible to be Transformers. There is no cost to submit entries for the Transformer category.

Innovation Catalysts can include marketers who have helped health technology innovators connect with the greater pharma and healthcare industries. Possible candidates include the agency partners of health-tech startups, marketers and communicators within companies invested in health technology, or industry leaders deeply involved with VC groups or health-tech think-tanks. There is a $170 cost to submit for this category. Catalyst entries submitted into the Transformers category without payment will not be accepted.

MM&M will reveal this year’s classes of the Top 40 Healthcare Transformers and Top 10 Innovation Catalysts in March, and honorees will be profiled in the May issue of MM&M. Both lists will be honored on May 7 in New York City. Go here for more information, including how to get tickets for the event.