FCB Health Canada
We Are Far Out

To distinguish itself from its many Canadian competitors, this agency traveled all the way to outer space. That’s where it found the idea for We Are Far Out, which tells the agency’s unique story, evolving its brand identity.

The effort positions the agency as a place that will elevate brands with a creative-first approach. In Canada, the pharmaceutical industry must adhere to strict rules and regulations, with many limitations on what can be said and how it can be communicated. Yet this effort lets clients know that FCB Health Canada is far from restricted in its creativity.

Every department contributed to the outer space-themed campaign, which included a website relaunch, new visuals and carefully crafted copy, an updated social media presence and a series of advertisements used for self-promotion. 

The judges praised the effort as “clever, catchy and strategic,” and admired how the unique characters representing the agency demonstrate the qualities that make it stand out: curiosity, courage and a commitment to the scientific process.

It had an immediate impact on the agency’s online presence, including a 78% increase in LinkedIn followers, a 24% lift in page views and a 300% gain in online engagement.

Best of all? The branding effort is clear and lighthearted without being cartoonish. Judges liked its use of “youthful trends, providing a strong sense of agency identity — playful and unique.” And those outer-space characters? “They show each discipline, giving clients and employees a recognizable identity to hold onto that represents them in a fun way.”

That led to a significant rise in candidates interested in working for the agency and an increase in new business opportunities. 


Boundless Life Sciences Group

Independent agencies often struggle to stand out. This effort embraced the agency’s competitive differences — a people-first mentality in a 100% remote environment, confidence while seeking multidisciplinary wisdom and bringing creativity to all parts of the business. With imagery that evokes energy, curiosity and a yearning for connection, the work also conveys the human need for wonder. The effort drove a nine-fold increase in website visits, with engagement rates above 70%.