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Up until the pandemic, MM+M conducted the judging for its Awards in person. We’d assemble some 90 to 100 industry leaders in a conference facility in New York City, divide them into four- or five-person teams (each accompanied by a member of our staff, who cued up entry materials and played traffic cop), then unleash them on the hundreds of entries.

By the time the allotted six hours had passed, the judges would emerge thoroughly exhausted. The room itself, dotted with sandwich trays and empty coffee mugs, looked more like a post-exam college study hall than an intellectual sanctum recently inhabited by many of the medical marketing industry’s most discerning leaders.

Yeah, it was a blast.

For reasons both logistical and immuno-viral, MM+M Awards judging migrated to Zoom between 2020 and 2022. When the decision was made not to return to in-person judging for 2023, we worried that we’d regret the loss of collegiality.

Instead, virtual judging has turbocharged the process — and served to deepen analysis of the nominated campaigns, companies and people. Without trains to catch or friends to meet, the judges recommitted themselves to thoughtful yet unsentimental debate about the merits of each entry.

And what a group of entries they were. Given the tactical savvy and creative brio that informs the work of every shortlisted honoree (and myriad others that didn’t make the uber-competitive cut), it’s borderline bewildering to remember that, a few short years ago, marketers regarded health-related work as a challenge only occasionally worth accepting. Now? They’re lining up to get in on the action.

Y’all made it happen, and members of our awards jury were only too happy to affirm what MM+M has long suspected: We’re in the golden age of medical marketing. Thanks to them, you and everyone who played a part, however substantial, in the industry’s upward climb.

— Larry Dobrow

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Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare

Healthcare Media

Healthcare Consumer Media Brand
Healthcare Professional Media Brand

Healthcare Marketing

Use of Customer Experience Marketing
Use of Public Relations
Health Advocacy/Health Affairs/Public Policy
Use of Data/Analytics or Innovation
Data Platform
Branded Website for Consumers
Branded Website for Healthcare Professionals
Disease Education Campaign
Use of Film or Video
Use of Social Media — Paid
Use of Social Media — Organic
Use of Influencer Marketing
Digital Initiative for Consumers
Digital Initiative for Non-Consumers
Consumer Print Campaign
Professional Print Campaign
Professional Sales Tool
Corporate Branding Campaign
Philanthropic or Purpose-Driven Campaign
Health Equity and Social Awareness Campaign
Agency Branding Campaign
TV Advertising Campaign
Connected TV Advertising Campaign
Multichannel Campaign (Small to Medium Product Size)
Multichannel Campaign (Large Product Size)
Product Launch
Orphan Product Marketing Initiative
Use of Immersive Technology
Use of Clinical Trial Marketing
Use of Market Access Marketing
Use of Hospital or Healthcare Services Marketing
Global Campaign
Health-Tech Innovation
Patient Education Campaign
Point-of-Care Marketing


Agency Entrepreneur of the Year

Healthcare Agency

Agency Newcomer of the Year
Independent Agency With PE Backing
Independent Agency Without PE Backing
Market Access Agency of the Year
Medical Communications, Education or Affairs Agency
PR Agency
Rare Disease Agency
Small Healthcare Agency
Midsize Healthcare Agency
Large Healthcare Agency
Large Healthcare Network

Titanium Award

Best in Show