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Cat Pain IQ

Cat videos have long ruled the internet, especially among the 32 million families who are cat owners. But while they may love watching and photographing their own felines, they can’t always tell when they are in pain. And every day, cats are robbed of their best lives by a common yet often overlooked disease: osteoarthritis (OA) pain.

Nearly 40% of cats suffer from it silently, yet most owners don’t know how to spot its signs. Previously, the only way to screen for OA required a trip to the veterinarian, which is often stressful for both owners and kitties. And once cats arrive in the office, they typically act differently than at home, making diagnosis difficult.

Cat Pain IQ offers a brilliant solution. It lets users video their cat in motion and submit the video to the app. The AI-driven tool, which is based on analyzing the movements of more than 500,000 cats, can help pinpoint OA, even in its early stages. And once owners learn that their cat is showing signs of OA, they are 50% more likely to bring it to the veterinarian. 

Earlier treatment of OA lets owners make their pets more comfortable and better manage their discomfort. The tool, targeting both cat owners and vets, has been a hit with those who want to help aging cats. Zoetis’ initial research has found that 91% of cat owners say they would open the app, 75% would share it and 78% would ask their veterinarian.

“This is an amazing combination of data and technology coming together,” said one judge. “I’m hopeful that it could also be an example for human science in the future.”


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