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ReachMD takes first place again in this category for its ever-expanding ability to give healthcare providers relevant content when they need it most. Its dual commitment — first to high-quality content and then to convenient delivery — wowed the judges. “ReachMD offers an almost overwhelming breadth of content delivered through various innovative channels,” said one. Others raved about its skill in providing bite-sized chunks of microlearning that make it almost effortless for providers to acquire new information to make them more effective.

The brand’s promise is to give its millions of users a personalized experience unequaled in the industry, offering more than 20 channels. Those include eight websites; personalized content on Apple CarPlay, which offers four radio stations; and a library of 10,000 programs. And judges said the Discover Tab on its mobile app is beneficial, proven by its earning 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Apple Store.

But personalization isn’t permanent, so ReachMD offers many options. While some people are visual learners and others auditory, location can influence the optimal format (such as nighttime reading). 

And it serves up plenty of engagement and learning data. Last year, ReachMD debuted Agile Targeting and Learner Insights and continued the expansion of machine-learning predictive analytics. 

All those innovations are paying off. In addition to 200% year-over-year growth in its advertising platform, ReachMD achieved significant advances in users and engagements, driven by its proprietary Connected Insights Ecosystem, which continuously assesses 350 user behaviors and 60 attributes, enriching that data with third-party insights. The result is an HCP Golden Record that targets HCPs and personalizes their learning experiences. That has led to a 70% increase in impressions, a 50% increase in radio programs and a 53% increase in total participation.



With features the judges described as “insightful, clean and relevant,” MDLinx stands out for its in-depth understanding of HCP providers. Games such as Digital Rounds and the Smartest Doc competition align with preferred learning styles, address emerging priorities and meet their digital preferences. And honest editorial content such as Real Talk, addressing provider mental health and Your Residency Roadmap resonated with younger HCPs, driving 21% year-over-year growth in subscribers under 40.