Four Paws and Ogilvy Health
Pets of War

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolded, people worldwide struggled to comprehend the chaos. Those in nearby countries, including Poland, could help by offering meals and shelter taking in refugees. But much of the world felt helpless. 

Almost as heartbreaking as the exodus of Ukrainian cities were images of what was left behind: shattered neighborhoods, bombed-out buildings — and haunting portraits of animals that owners were forced to abandon. These dogs needed shelter, food and medical attention. People all over the world wanted to lend a hand, but they didn’t know how.

Four Paws, active in Ukraine since 2012, was ready to spring into action, connecting millions of people who wanted to help with a meaningful way to donate, directly assisting the 1.2 million dogs orphaned by the war in Ukraine.

By developing a core visual that illustrates a helping hand extended to a lonely dog, the team telegraphed the idea that anyone could help pets orphaned by war. The ad ran in the U.S. and international markets, all aimed at gathering donations to send veterinarians, food, water and medical supplies to shelters in Ukraine.

The goal was to turn empathy into action — to give people the means to support orphaned dogs in Ukraine from anywhere around the world.

With a media budget of zero, Pets of War made more than 2 million impressions, 10,000 engagements and triggered a 2,000% increase in donations. It resulted in more than 30 tons of pet food delivered, helping 50,000 Ukrainian pets.


Meridian Medical Technologies and Wunderman Thompson Health
Smallpox Simulator

While smallpox was eradicated 40 years ago, a modern-day threat could easily resurface: Its 30% mortality rate makes the disease a tempting bioweapon. This terrifying simulator conveys feasibility, impact and the importance of preparedness, using real-time data. The effort effectively educates public health officials on the need to invest in a robust, comprehensive response plan.