Healthcare Consultancy Group

With its promise to bring clients’ medicines closer to those who need them, Healthcare Consultancy Group found multiple ways to outshine the competition in the past year. This network of eight agencies with more than 1,000 employees wowed the judges, who praised its emphasis on innovation and its modern approach to medical communications, especially in its inclusion of AI.

Exceptional work includes Virtual Diagnostics Lab, aimed at transforming molecular testing education in lung cancer. This online, immersive metaverse environment emulates real diagnostics laboratory centers of excellence, developed with a think tank of pathologists and oncologists. 

Its Native Indigenous Peoples Health Equity Advisory Board brought together local healthcare providers, patient advocacy organizations and Native and Indigenous patients, highlighting unmet needs and care inequities.

And it worked with healthcare providers on increasing awareness of high-risk factors for progression to severe COVID-19, informing them about prompt rapid treatment selection with animated videos on social media.

The network launched the HCG Publications Centre of Excellence, putting it at the forefront of medical publications, with more than 175 dedicated scientific/editorial staff. It also added a growth amplification team, with 13 industry experts bringing fast-evolving therapeutic landscapes.

HCG is “one of my favorite agencies to work with,” says a Genentech marketing exec. “They are so passionate about what they do, and are responsive, detail-oriented and creative. They continually push innovation in new and different ways. They are true thought partners.”



ProHealth, an IPG-owned agency, distinguished itself with its exceptional capabilities and commitment to modernization. Rooted in an “Insight to Action” philosophy, the agency strives to know the “why” behind everything it does. That translated to exceptional work for Incyte and chronic graft vs. host disease, an interactive diagnostic tool for alopecia areata for Pfizer.