Horizon Therapeutics and Area 21
The Systemic Booth

No one can resist a campaign that’s equal parts smart and subversive, and this innovative and slightly devious campaign stole the judges’ hearts.

Nephrologists often don’t realize how painful gout is. In fact, gout ranks pretty much last on the list of concerns for these life-or-death doctors. Heading into the exhibition hall at the 2023 National Kidney Foundation Conference, Horizon knew it would be competing with 

elaborate booths talking about more “pressing” issues.

With the objective of creating a booth that was impossible to ignore, it found an irresistible way to show these providers that gout could be almost anywhere. 

To break through the conference noise, it took a cue from the disease itself, showing up where it was least expected.

The campaign started by piquing provider interest with a nearly blank white booth, then immersing them in a world of infiltrating uric acid crystals. 

It installed floor decals on the walkways that triggered an AR experience on mobile phones, bringing to life mammoth internal organs. A giant heart spewed uric acid crystals onto the floor. An eyeball cracked like a uric acid–infested egg. 

Six unique 3-D animations, complete with phone haptics, took over the exhibition hall. Every surface became a media opportunity, providing a stage for the messaging. 

Like gout, The Systemic Booth invaded unexpected places all over the conference. It also gamified the experience and challenged doctors to collect all the animations and then return to the booth for a final prize.

“I wish I’d done this,” said one judge. “It’s the most original concept I have ever seen for a conference booth.”


Novo Nordisk and CultHealth
Oh, Oh, Oh Ozempic!

Oh, Oh, Oh Ozempic! emphasizes the three main reasons to believe: lower blood sugar and A1C, lowering the risk of major CV events such as stroke, and weight loss. The TV spot is the hallmark, but this same creative ran in many channels, netting more than $1 billion in sales, making it the No. 1 prescribed GLP-1 worldwide. “An astounding achievement,” said a judge. “The results are truly the stuff dreams are made of.”