Sun Pharmaceuticals and Core-Rx Communications
Winlevi Consumer Website

Because Winlevi is a different kind of acne medicine, it required a different type of website, too. This drug focused on acne hormones at the start of the acne cycle — an entirely new mechanism of action. And it needed a way to convey that to a target audience that had tried (and been disappointed in) endless other topical treatments.

The branded website needed to educate consumers on why they get acne in the first place. While there’s a misperception that hormonal acne affects mostly teens and women in their 30s and 40s, all acne has a hormonal component. And the website needed to demonstrate how Winlevi stopped that process. It also had to quickly establish that this first-of-its-kind topical agent is targeted toward men and women, teens and adults. 

Because many adult patients have dealt with acne for a long time, the website needed to relate to their struggles. And to be believable, it needed to explain the scientific background of the acne cycle, outlining the difference between hormones found in the skin versus elsewhere in the body. 

The concept — “the only topical to focus on acne hormones” — is easy to understand, with a thorough “How to Apply” page and a solid application video. The website uses excellent user 

experience and website design, with attention-grabbing elements that include an interactive quiz, user-defined scrolling animation, mobile-first design and persona-specific content and landing pages.

In seven months, the site has achieved 459,000 website sessions and a 37% engagement rate, with 70,000 users watching its “How to use” video.


PodHer and Klick Health
The Congregation

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, this group rallied to support reproductive rights with a neat hack of the U.S. Constitution: creating a “religion” with the right to choose as a core tenet. The concept is explained in a site that evokes religious iconography, flooded with light and inclusive design elements. With this pro-choice gospel, 11,000 members have helped dozens of women get safe abortions through the Bridget Alliance and offered mental health support to hundreds more.