Arnold New York

Arnold’s “Unfailing Partnerships” mission continued to differentiate it from its many competitors, consistently knocking out work that gets attention and drives results. With its commitment to “Work that Works,” Arnold strives to make brands more desirable in tough marketplaces and serve a greater good. 

Last year, that showed up in ground-breaking work for the Child Mind Institute, with The CA Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids Project, and the creation of an unbranded disease awareness campaign for a new RSV treatment.

Another example of its creative difference is Damien Escobar, an Emmy Award-winning violinist, musician and entrepreneur, who serves as Arnold’s director of music and culture, integrating music to help brands reach and retain new audiences.

Arnold also focused efforts to develop the inclusion of data, expanding capabilities in analytics, customer experience and digital. And it beefed up in-house production with Content Assembly. 

“Working with the Arnold team does truly feel like a partnership,” said an Amgen exec. “Honest communication and openness to different approaches keep us focused not just on delivering excellent creative, but creative that drives results.” 

Employee-directed efforts build on that, with programs such as the Listening Lounge, which brings esteemed creatives together to share experiences and knowledge.

And Arnold’s pro-bono work shines too, including significant campaigns for the Coalition For The Homeless, such as Home is Hope, which was created in just five days; Arnold’s Ad School For Underserved Creative Minds, a 16-week creative ad school curriculum for diverse individuals; and the Black Icons Outdoor Exhibit.


Imre Health

The judges said this 30-year-old agency stood out for its strong digital foundation, creating effective teams in many channels. The firm has increased expertise in such practices as earned media, brand impact and medical and scientific affairs. Imre prides itself on the premise that taking a moment to listen can change everything. That showed up in exceptional work for Saphnelo and social media campaigns for Amgen, including fledgling efforts on TikTok.