Horaios Dermatology Clinic and Wunderman Thompson Health

In sunny Brazil, 70 million people work outdoors year round, making skin cancer the most common cancer in the country. And melanoma causes 75% of skin cancer deaths. Almost all those fatalities might have been prevented with an early diagnosis.

The problem? Most people can’t spot moles that look irregular, which should be shown to a doctor. The creative insight is that an extremely close view of a mole looks like a cookie.

The team used that insight for an awareness campaign that quickly took off on social media. Professional bakers handcrafted “normal” cookies, which were then boxed next to cookies that resembled melanoma moles. The cancer cookies were larger, had irregular borders and different colors. The result was so successful it packaged some English language versions as well, for U.S. distribution.

DiagnostiCookies helped people identify melanoma moles and avoid progression or death because they would seek a doctor earlier. Many patients die from melanoma simply because they don’t have the knowledge to identify the odd moles effectively. DiagnostiCookies educated individuals about melanoma so they can seek a doctor before it’s too late.

The cookies were an instant hit, garnering 60 million views in less than 24 hours. And with no paid media, more than a dozen Brazilian celebrities and even a CNN reporter showed their support online. The clinic’s website views increased 320%.

“I will never be able to eat a cookie again without thinking it might be a melanoma,” said one of the judges. “Well done.”


Children’s Health and Colle McVoy
Children’s Health Incredible. Together.

Children’s Health needed to evolve beyond a simple celebration of kids and care. Targeting engaged parents in the Dallas market, an anthem ad uses power ballad “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” reimagined by the Dallas Community Choir. The judges said the campaign has it all: “The perfect song, gorgeous imagery and the ability to tug at the heartstrings.”