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Sanofi and Terri & Sandy
Long Live Your Teeth!

Act may be the No. 1 mouthwash for kids. But it’s often overlooked as an adult brand. So to win new users, the company launched a lighthearted campaign that draws on medieval dentistry to make a serious point: 70% of adults lose a tooth before they turn 44.

Throughout human history, our ancestors tried some pretty unusual methods to cure tooth decay. Treatments were as strange as kissing a donkey or tying a frog under their jaw. By shining a light on the ill-advised remedies of yore and positioning Act Fluoride Mouthwash as the solution, this campaign finds an entertaining way to stand out in a sea of swishes. 

Long Live Your Teeth! is a marked departure from the usual mouthwash advertising, which usually focuses on the benefits of fresh breath and killing germs. As a scientifically proven brand to protect, restore and strengthen teeth for the long haul, this “teeth-first” approach stood out. 

With a goal of increasing sales by 10%, it targeted an audience that enjoys bettering their lives and is proud of their achievements. These people care for their teeth like they care for their health, purposefully taking control of their oral care to feel protected. They take pride in their effort, believing they are investing in smart oral care choices. And it’s an audience that is motivated to protect their teeth today and for the long term.

The campaign beat expectations, with a 116% increase in website engagement, a 32% increase in search traffic and a 14% boost in sales. 


Novo Nordisk and CultHealth
Oh, Oh, Oh Ozempic!

Despite having a solid position in the type 2 diabetes marketplace, Ozempic faced a new competitor in Mounjaro. While that drug can lead to a significant A1C reduction, the Ozempic Tri-zone lowers blood sugar and A1C, lowering the risk of major CV events and weight loss. The TV ads’ increased emphasis on heart benefits boosted sales and added to the brand’s place in pop culture with its memorable jingle.