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Un-apologize: A Whitney Cummings Comedy Special

In 2022, cultural and political events cast a dark shadow over women’s reproductive and sexual freedoms. Beaten down, many felt like they have to apologize for even existing.

Annovera, an annual birth control ring, didn’t want to run from that zeitgeist, especially as a brand that stands for putting better control of birth control into the hands of women. So it tapped comedienne Whitney Cummings to direct her acerbic wit into a full-frontal assault on things that take power away from women.

After the brand’s analysis of more than 75 million social media posts showed that women often unnecessarily apologize about reproductive health and women’s rights, Annovera worked closely with Cummings to develop the script — focused on empowering women to be unapologetically themselves. Cumming’s jokes centered around “un-apologizing” for everything from not having kids yet to taking too long to orgasm. 

TheSkimm made for an ideal partner, with targets that align with Annovera’s: Sexually active, forward-thinking women of reproductive age (21-39) who are 4.4 times more interested in and likely to research content on reproductive health.

Paired with an earned media day and sponsored content with theSkimm, the performance positioned Annovera as a brand that encourages women to live life unapologetically with more control, resulting in high engagement with the target. 

Cummings, who playfully acknowledges that she’s a “risky bitch to do business with,” connected beautifully with the audience — and with the judges. “This is creative, clever and ground-breaking,” said one. “It was all-around smart and refreshing.” 

Un-apologize generated more than 500,000 digital and social video views and 25,500 visits to


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