The definition of “good health” is hard to nail down for people with chronic conditions. That’s why judges loved HealthCentral’s breadth of content and relatable approach. It helps people create their healthiest lives, whatever that means on a given day.

After polling its Facebook and Instagram community on topics that mattered most, HealthCentral developed multiple patient-first series, including Condition-Approved Home, Cooking Clubs and deep-dive immersive features exploring top-of-mind issues. Its highly relevant content includes investigative journalism, immersive storytelling, original videography and interactive tools to better connect with the 60% of Americans with chronic conditions. 

Anchored at the intersection of science and community, it aims for a perspective often missing in health information: the warmth of a friend, the authority of trusted experts and a clear-eyed understanding of the facts. Through real-life advice, medically vetted articles and inspirational stories, it guides its community members to informed decisions.

A recent site redesign highlights the user experience, balancing function and form. The layout is visually clean and clear, enhancing navigation that elevates audience engagement while balancing accessibility and simplicity.

Interactive design elements, such as those in the RA-Approved Kitchen, mean its audience isn’t just reading about living better with rheumatoid arthritis; they’re actively engaged in the learning process. And provocative immersive features, such as This Is Your Body on Inflammation, help audiences visualize the roots of their chronic disease.

HealthCentral now reaches 75 million unique visitors annually, who spend an average of six minutes on site. New features boosted social traffic by 83% in 2022 and led to more than 50% year-over-year traffic growth in its top three chronic condition areas.


Everyday Health   

With its commitment to inspire people to live their healthiest lives, Everyday Health continues to impress with its high standards for accuracy, objectivity and balance. It focuses on the whole person and stays relevant for all readers, wherever they are on their patient journey. Judges said the brand is “engaging, empowering, approachable and solid,” with an especially impressive use of social media.