Moderna and TBWA\Health Collective
Welcome to the mRNAage

Moderna is neither new nor solely focused on COVID-19, but the pharmaceutical biotech company didn’t come into the national consciousness until December 2020, with its mRNA vaccine. And while the pandemic gave the company a chance to dramatically reveal the agility and strength of its technology and approach, Moderna needs to move beyond it, showcasing the much broader applications of its mRNA platform. And it had to do so in a way that made mRNA less esoteric and more accessible.

While most consumers know Moderna and have heard of mRNA, they do not fully understand it. Even healthcare providers Moderna surveyed knew very little about the potential of its mRNA technology. With the use of a child and a ribbon as a metaphor, the effort illuminates the robust pipeline of vaccines and treatments made possible by its decade of research.

This fresh approach used handmade and delicately crafted sets in one large studio, embracing the magic of analog theater effects. To humanize mRNA, the campaign shot people in ways that never seem technical, sterile or generic. The mood is inspiring, emotional and ultimately optimistic, portraying the balance between humanity and 

technology. And the beautiful red ribbon of the mRNA strand weaves its way through every scene, providing the connective tissue between the vaccines the company makes now and those it will introduce in the future, involving more than 20 different disease states.

“This was beautifully done,” one judge commented, “using COVID-19 recognition to expand the understanding of what Moderna does in mRNA. The strategy was strong, and the video was executed seamlessly, with inclusive talent, a clear narrative, and powerful messages.”


GoodRx Manufacturer Solutions: A Better Way to Reach Patients & Providers

GoodRx enjoys massive reach and trust among consumers but its fledgling efforts to sell solutions to manufacturers hadn’t done as well. A Better Way reframed GoodRx as a portfolio of solutions for pharma marketers and patient support leaders, demonstrating strong customer loyalty and engagement. And it brought fresh thought leadership into the mix, resulting in strong increases in awareness and perception.