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Havas Voice

Havas Voice, another Havas-branded ad agency in healthcare, identifies influencers and gathers social intelligence to craft fine-tuned social media engagement and influencer activations.

And while the agency began as an idea anchored in patient centricity through optimized engagements on social media, it quickly evolved with a broader realization that patient engagement is not governed solely by efforts on social platforms or only aimed at the patients themselves. 

The new firm is based on the realization clients are clamoring for new ways to connect digital opinion leaders, patients and HCPs. The goal? Using analytics-driven insights and activating relevant voices to drive conversations that matter, infusing brand plans with more relevance and resonance. 

Clients include Sanofi Pasteur RSV, Sanofi Rare Disease and Sanofi Hemophilia; Amgen Psoriasis; PharmaEssentia Hematology; Pfizer Influenza and ViiV HIV.

Reflecting industrywide trends and leadership understanding of the climate around agency culture, it is building a responsive agency that emphasizes personal expression, promoting health and wellness for employees. It’s training the staff on eLearning modules from Havas University. And it’s already working on pro bono pilots, including an effort to help teens in Ukraine with PTSD.

Client Rebeca Bechily, a brand lead at PharmaEssentia, calls the results it is getting from the new agency “amazing. We thought we knew the patients, but this goes deeper than any traditional market research would have gone and gives us the perspective that we’ve been seeking.”


Park & Battery

Park & Battery, founded by friends and colleagues Ted Kohnen and Michael Ruby, is making its mark for its ability to connect strategy, tech and tenacity for complex businesses. The shop boasts a modern technology stack, using AI analytics and generative AI in brand research and creative processes. It has grown to $3.4 million in billings, with clients that include KBI Biopharma, Maravai LifeSciences and MacroHealth.