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Sennheiser and Terri & Sandy
Singing for Supper

Sennheiser, a leading German audio company, knew that its Conversation ClearPlus earbuds, a brand-new hearing technology designed to enhance conversations in noisy environments, could be a hit. But something bigger stood in the way of introducing a new product: Sennheiser is a brand with rock ‘n’ roll roots and didn’t want to be lumped in the hearing aids category.

Above all, the company wanted to position Conversation ClearPlus earbuds as a cooler, more modern approach to hearing challenges. And the insight that made it all come together is recognizing just how common comments such as this are: “I find myself saying ‘What?’ all the time in noisy environments. But I wouldn’t be caught dead in a hearing aid.” And the company knew the average person waited roughly seven years before seeking a solution.

It found the pitch-perfect pitchman in Dee Snider, the iconic ’80s front man from the rock band Twisted Sister. His fans fall squarely in the demographic target of people 45 and older who experience moderate hearing difficulties in noisy environments but would consider hearing aids to be massively uncool. His charisma and impressive pipes led to a launch spot that was the antithesis of a hearing aid commercial. Snider also engaged his fanbase online, garnering hundreds of thousands of organic impressions. 

Snider’s appearance during the product unveil at the Consumer Electronic Show got people buzzing before the spot was even launched, triggering a global press conversation. As a result, the launch campaign drove record-breaking pre-sales, tripling expected orders.

This campaign is “fun, original and to the point,” commended one judge. “It’s a simple idea, executed well.”


Cutera and EvolveMKD
AviClear: A Game Changer in the Treatment of Acne

Cutera’s AviClear energy device is a different way to treat acne — a laser process used in three separate sessions. Videos showed doctors why the new product is a game changer, backed by clinical investigators and first adopters. Then, an influencer campaign, including Gia Giudice of Real Housewives fame, underscored how many significant moments acne sufferers miss due to breakouts. It sparked 153 articles and sold more than 600 AviClear products, generating $4.5 million.