Denise Henry
Havas Life

Inspiring people to new levels of achievement often requires stepping out of the spotlight and letting teams guide themselves. Those who work with Havas Life’s Denise Henry say her ability to do that is one of the reasons the agency she leads has grown 97% in the last two years and 45% in 2022. “She may be the smartest person in the room,” said one colleague. “But she never acts like she is.”

The rapid growth has led to 110 new employees, making it a big place, which she strives to keep warm, challenging and open. “She’s so authentic,” said another, and colleagues praised her ability to form genuine and caring connections among clients, some of whom she personally mentors, and agency employees.

Creative teams describe her as an evangelist for the power of creativity, always looking for fun, joy and laughter — even during straight and challenging talks.

She joined CDM in 2003, with a pivotal role in leading Pfizer’s Lipitor. In 2013, Henry was tapped to lead HealthWork, a joint venture between CDM and BBDO. That agency became the fastest-growing consumer health shop of the 2010s, reaching $50 million in two years. She joined Havas Health & You as group president in 2020, leading Havas Life New York and Chicago, attracting brands from Pfizer, Sanofi, AbbVie, AstraZeneca and Genentech.

The agency now boasts an impressive client satisfaction score of 4.1 out of 5 among top clients. And her steadfast belief in creative excellence has also led to standout work such as Pfizer’s partnership with Marvel in the Everyday Heroes campaign and the consumer work for COVID-19 treatment. 


Mike Rosich
DNA Communications

Colleagues describe Mike Rosich as a lifelong builder — of businesses, teams and relationships. Since he took the helm as general manager two years ago, the agency has doubled in revenue. Balancing established pharma brands and smaller biopharmaceutical companies, new clients include NS Pharma, Denali Therapeutics, MetroHealth and SpyGlass. He’s also a dedicated coach, mentor and DE&I advocate.