American Parkinson Disease Association and Havas Health Plus

ParkinSex is one of the most compassionate and complete entries the judges have ever seen, addressing a well-known — yet long-ignored — problem. Kind, practical and imaginative, it helps Parkinson’s disease patients reclaim sexual intimacy, taking the definition of wellness out of the doctor’s office and into the bedroom.

Parkinson’s slowly robs patients of many “normal” activities, and their sex lives are often an early casualty. That hurts them and wounds their partners, and studies have shown that couples affected by neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s are more likely to split up than peers with other chronic conditions. 

Without ever being coy or cute, ParkinSex breaks intimacy down into easy-to-try chapters. It’s never overwhelming, encouraging people to explore at their own pace. And while it addresses questions of sensuality, such as using feathers, massage stones and blindfolds, it never loses sight of the core message: It’s time to ditch narrow definitions of what sex is. The video and book (also downloadable as a PDF) constantly bring users back to core questions: What sounds good to me? What will make me feel more connected? 

With inclusive animation and illustration by Chilean artist Xaviera López, it acknowledges that those with Parkinson’s can feel one way when their medications are working well, and differently when tremors and rigidity are more of a problem.

Launched on Valentine’s Day in 2023, the campaign lit a fire in the community, with the first print run selling out in less than 24 hours and hundreds more eagerly awaiting the next batch. And it sparked gratitude, with many patients and their partners thrilled that their sexual health concerns had been acknowledged.