Holley Malia Miller  
Grey Matter Marketing

Holley Malia Miller, who founded Grey Matter Marketing in 2007, has spent much of her 25-year-career inspiring clients, co-workers and community members with her commitment to organizational value systems.

She set out to create a company that promoted and nourished employees — physically, mentally and emotionally. And she’s determined to create a one-of-a-kind agency that helps clients achieve their objectives. 

Miller’s team “takes a very different approach to branding and positioning, leveraging brain science to drive behavior change and help the market understand the urgent problem you’re solving in a new and better way,” says client Todd Pope, CEO of WellAir. “This scientific approach has yielded tremendous results for our company.”

In 2021, she achieved exceptional levels of success. Miller increased Grey Matter’s company revenue and client partnerships through the pandemic and into 2021, tripling its year-over-year revenue. After many years as a boutique agency that thrived off a hybrid of full-time employee/contractor model, she shifted to a full-time employee model to better attract the right talent. 

Her work outside the agency also impresses those who know her, whether she’s donating bone marrow or building inclusive playgrounds. She also encourages her team to give back. Each employee is allotted $500 to contribute to charitable causes.

Additionally, Miller is committed to teaching others about the fundamentals of brain science. She has been a frequent lecturer at the local community college and high school Entrepreneurship Club.


Faruk Capan
Eversana Intouch

With nearly 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, marketing and technology industries, Faruk Capan is known for his ability to predict industry trends, lead with a vision and adapt to change. After immigrating from Turkey in 1990, he worked at Sanofi and Teva, launching Intouch Solutions in 1999. And as Intouch’s recent merger with Eversana shows, he is always looking for what’s next.