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I attended the MM+M Awards for the first time in October 2014. I’d joined the publication full-time a few months prior but a non-work-related circumstance — the arrival of our second child — kept me from engaging with anyone outside of a small set of colleagues. The awards, then, were set to be my industry debutante ball.

What surprised me most was the sense of easy collegiality. The other industry-specific award ceremonies I’d attended were sleepy affairs populated by individuals who didn’t want to win so much as vanquish. Without the individual acclaim, well, why even bother?

That first MM+M Awards ceremony, by contrast, felt more like a well-dressed house party. My lingering memory of the night came after one high-profile campaign bested another in the evening’s most competitive category. On the way back to his table, the leader of the winning team was practically tackled by a member of the runner-up contingent. “Your [work] was better than our [work]!” the latter hollered. “I’m so glad you do what you do!” Aggressively enthusiastic hugs ensued.

That kinship is what differentiates the MM+M Awards from other industry shindigs. Are there interpersonal rivalries and bruised egos? Probably. But attendees largely push those aside in favor of celebrating the collective good.

In 2022 more than recent years, there’s plenty to celebrate. Barring a ferocious last-minute viral resurgence, we’ll be back at full capacity for the first time since October 2019. It might have been easier to navigate between tables last year, but we’re thrilled to angle our way through a packed house if it means that more of our people are present.

Along those lines, tonight’s ceremony marks the culmination of eight months’ worth of impossibly devoted work by members of the MM+M and Haymarket Media events, commercial, marketing, production, executive and editorial teams. Here’s to them, you and all of us collectively raising a glass in the spirit of community. Welcome home, everyone.

— Larry Dobrow

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Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare

Healthcare Consumer Media Brand
Healthcare Professional Media Brand

Use of Customer Experience Marketing
Use of Public Relations
Health Advocacy/Health Affairs/Public Policy
Use of Data/Analytics or Innovation
Data Platform
Branded Website for Consumers
Branded Website for Healthcare Professionals
Disease Education Campaign
Film or Video, Short-Form
Use of Social Media — Paid
Use of Social Media — Organic
Use of Influencer Marketing
Digital Initiative for Consumers
Digital Initiative for Non-Consumers
Consumer Print Campaign
Professional Print Campaign
Professional Sales Tool
Corporate Branding Campaign
Philanthropic or Purpose-Driven Campaign
Diversity and Inclusion/Social Causes Campaign
Agency Branding Campaign
Connected TV Advertising Campaign
TV Advertising Campaign
Multichannel Campaign (Small to Medium Product Size)
Multichannel Campaign (Large Product Size)
Product Launch
Orphan Product Marketing Initiative
Use of Immersive Technology
Use of Clinical Trial Marketing
Use of Market Access Marketing
Use of Hospital or Healthcare Services Marketing
Global Campaign

Agency Entrepreneur of the Year

Market Access Maven
Data Prodigy
Rare Talent
PR Agency
Medical Communications Agency
Independent Without PE Backing
Independent With PE Backing
Small Healthcare Agency
Midsize Healthcare Agency
Large Healthcare Agency
Large Healthcare Network

Best in Show