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Reroute Migraine Relief with Trudhesa

About 31 million American adults struggle with migraines, and it is the second-largest cause of disability. There is also a significant unmet need: Four out of five people are looking to try a new treatment, and many more are still undiagnosed. These painful headaches frequently include gastrointestinal issues. Nearly 90% of people with migraine have gastroparesis or delayed stomach emptying. 

Trudhesa helps because it is delivered by nasal spray, and it addresses real problems, given that 70% of migraine sufferers wait to take medication until they are sure it is a migraine, often missing the effectiveness window. And oral medications are sometimes not absorbed because of related GI issues.

Introducing such a novel approach required a disease education program. Reroute Migraine Relief brings the complexities of migraine headaches to life.

The campaign started with work from portrait artist Ed Fairburn, whose stock-in-trade is taking street maps and using the depicted highways as the contours, hatching, cross-hatching and shading for stunning renderings of people’s faces. These maps use intricately winding roads, illustrating the complexity of migraine and underscoring how difficult it can be to navigate. 

It also included media interviews with headache specialist Dr. Lauren Natbony in priority markets. 

And it used social media to tout all campaign elements, including educational websites for patients and prescribers.

The high-art approach worked, creating more than 20 million earned impressions and more than 20,000 website visits.


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Ditch the Itch

Alagille syndrome is a rare, heartbreaking pediatric liver disease whose signature symptom, a debilitating itch, casts a dark cloud over a patient’s entire childhood. Livmarli is the first and only medication to treat it. Ditch the Itch uses a tight-knit gang called The Liver League. These adventurous, courageous kids turn the tables on the monstrous itch. In a few months, it surpassed Q1 goals and drove an 80% increase in website visits.