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Remedy Health Media

Generalizations about chronic illness are rarely helpful, and HealthCentral is thriving because it understands that. Instead of shoving people with illness X or Y into one tight little box, it good-naturedly understands that everyone’s definition of wellness ebbs and flows. 

It shifts from person to person and within each person on their journey. Its content helps users create their healthiest life, whatever that means at this moment. Anchored at the intersection of science and community, the brand does it all with a friend’s warmth (and sometimes bluntness) and the authority of trusted experts. 

The result is content that is medically vetted and inspirational — and yet entirely realistic. That includes articles, interviews, episodic videos, immersive online experiences and live virtual events. 

Especially award-worthy? Its down-to-earth coverage of racial issues. That includes Healthnicity, a series that explores how race, ethnicity and culture shape the way people of color experience chronic disease, and Healthcare Disparities, a survey exploring ways race, gender and age impact those with chronic conditions. 

Other noteworthy additions include such video productions as Fake or Fact, a myth-busting series that tackles misinformation, and Tales From the Chemo Chair, a raw and riveting journey through breast cancer treatment.

Its audience is responding, with ComScore reporting 76% year-over-year growth in December of 2021 and a 36% increase in time spent on the site. Those gains also extend to its social media presence, with Instagram followers increasing 70% from April to December 2021.


Healthline Media

With a total of 91.1 million people across all its brands, including and, Healthline’s clout is undeniable. And it keeps reaching, improving its effective use of original photography and illustration. Laudable new efforts include social listening through Bezzy; the industry’s first Conscious Language Guide, aimed at reducing stigma; and Healthline Lessons, a step-by-step micro tool to help manage conditions.