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Take Hope Further

Breast cancer culture is synonymous with hope, thanks to improved survival rates, juggernaut sponsorship events and broad awareness campaigns. 

But there’s less hope for certain high-risk breast cancers, including HR+, HER2- breast cancer. They resist early treatment. They return and spread, becoming metastatic. These women want to identify with everything offered by the pink-ribbon world, but they had been left behind by current therapies.

Verzenio is the first CDK4 and 6 inhibitor approved for early breast cancer to help prevent relapse in the patients who need more, and this campaign set out to give these patients the hope they deserve.

Take Hope Further uses stunning imagery to convey how these patients have been left behind. In the print ads, women stand in a surreal pink world where every detail is built by symbols and materials representing hope: Leaves on the trees, butterflies flying in the sky and all the petals on all the flowers are various pink satin breast cancer ribbons. The cobblestones in the path are made of breast cancer buttons. Light posts are stacked together with breast cancer walk coffee cups and visors. Even the fountain is made of breast cancer water bottles, with pink ribbons. The headline drives it home: “She has all the hope in the world. She needs more.”

Since Take Hope Further launched, more than a thousand patients have started on Verzenio. By year-end 2021, worldwide sales of Verzenio rose 105%, with market share increasing 126% since the October launch. 


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Smallpox Simulator

Eradicated in 1980, smallpox has re-emerged as a potential modern threat. This simulator, combining data on how each country responded to COVID-19 with existing vaccine stockpiles, charts how well countries might fare if smallpox is used as a bioweapon. Aimed at an audience of several hundred officials in nine countries, this effort is compelling and easy to understand.