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NYU Langone Health and Deloitte Digital
The Return Visit

When the pandemic struck, NYU Langone Health faced the same conundrum that troubled healthcare systems everywhere. Even as COVID-19 patients filled and overwhelmed many New York hospitals, millions of people stayed home. They canceled screenings and healthcare appointments they needed to remain healthy.

To combat this widespread anxiety, the health organization undertook a digital transformation. The way NYU Langone Health presented the campaign to its many audiences impressed our judges with its thoroughness, creativity and effectiveness. 

It needed to cast a wide net because 41% of U.S. adults reported delaying or canceling appointments. And it needed to reach beyond images that had quickly overtaken the world — exhausted, masked healthcare workers that signaled, “Stay away. We can’t cope.”

It leaned into the reverse messaging, letting patients know it could respond to their needs, handling routine and urgent healthcare needs with impressive (and new) digital platforms. Yet it also conveys that the organization can do so much more, offering exceptional care — even among the other outstanding healthcare brands in the New York metro area. 

Our judges also liked that its inspiration came straight from its nurses, doctors and employees, emphasizing the quality and convenience of its offers. 

The Return Visit sparked a 4,300% increase in virtual patient visits during the first month of the pandemic, and appointments increased by 77% between the pilot program and the first CRM campaign, with a total of 755,000 booked within 72 hours of CRM email opens.


Horizon Therapeutics and Area 23
Gout Revisited

It’s not often that a company can introduce an important new medication, open physicians’ eyes to diagnostic blind spots and create museum-worthy artwork, but this launch did all three. And it did it with a budget of just $125,000. Its novel reimagining of historical drawings, right down to the distribution of digital images, art prints for offices and a coffee-table book for patients, is unique, memorable and effective.