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Sanofi and Terri & Sandy  
Kick Pain in the Aspercreme

Aspercreme had serious problems. Due to a backlash against the overuse of pain pills, consumer interest in topicals was at an all-time high. Major pharma companies took notice, launching blockbuster new products and injecting established brands with increased marketing budgets. And the news global arthritis giant Voltaren was making the switch from Rx to OTC was especially threatening.

By comparison, Aspercreme was a 98-pound weakling, ranking fifth in the category. It was seen as less effective than any of its major competitors, with an “effective against strong/intense pain” index score 10 points lower than its closest competitor. And it was 50 points lower than category-conquering Voltaren. 

Worse, consumers viewed Aspercreme as “dated, cheap and smelly.” This was a brand for “old people.” Ouch. 

Aspercreme decided to go Hollywood, focus on the largest group of chronic pain sufferers, between 55-65 years old. While muscle, joint and nerve pain has become part of their day-to-day lives, they don’t see themselves as docile, elderly pain “managers,” content to push lawn mowers.  They’re pain “fighters.” That’s why they’re doing everything in their power to conquer pain.

Ads use action-combat scenes with street fighters of a certain age to demonstrate how Aspercreme can help them, no matter where they choose to rumble.

The result is a campaign with a cheeky call to action, the boldness of a brand reborn and the won’t-back-down mindset of its target. It not only met its year-over-year sales goals, but it also tripled them, moving the brand from No. 5 in the category to No. 3.


Avrio Health and FCB Health New York
Poop Should Never Feel Painful

Who ever thought a catchy jingle would include the line, “For a No. 2 that’s easier to do”? This ukulele-driven delight targets the 31% of Americans who suffer from constipation. And by using some disturbingly precise imagery, these ads convey why Colace is so different than competitors. Year-over-year sales gained 56% in the first month.