Evoke Create

Evoke Create spent 2021 in high gear, with revenue climbing 12% to $27 million. And it landed high-profile new business, including Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer, Otsuka, G1 Therapeutics and Bayer.

Evoke Create, which was rebranded from Create NYC after the merger between parent Ashfield Health and Evoke, sees its mission as striving to reimagine health, improve lives and make it matter. It accentuated that brand positioning with a new tagline: “Every Tactic Matters.” And it delivered 3,500 tactics for 100 brands, a 75% increase from the 2,000 it created in 2020. 

With a model that it says is 30% more efficient than the industry-standard hourly rate, it can work on 50% faster timelines compared to traditional agencies. Speed is an integral part of its offer, enabling it to start client relationships with an urgent tactical need, then grow to be the go-to efficiency problem-solver for clients.

It’s especially proud of work for Bristol Myers Squibb, re-engineering processes for greater efficiency. And for Otsuka, the agency’s Content Distillery reimagined a foundational campaign across social and digital channels. 

It introduced the Creator Challenge Expansion, a proprietary crowdsourcing initiative, for greater range, creativity and speed. It also led to three new campaigns for a single AOR portfolio client.

Clients love this nimble accuracy. “What separates the team among other agencies is their ability to be agile in a dynamic healthcare marketplace, flawless collaboration and an unwavering commitment to excellence,” says a portfolio director at OBU Pfizer. “No matter the challenge, Evoke Create maintains a clear focus on the patients we serve, our customers and Pfizer Oncology as a whole, which is why we view the group as team members rather than agency partners.”


Lippe Taylor

With a 94% increase in revenue to $37.3 million in 2021, Lippe Taylor made remarkable inroads with the launch of Twelvenote, its health-focused shop. The shop now comprises more than half of all revenue for the firm. The agency’s Most Meaningful Melody campaign for Bayer aspirin, with an original song by Leslie Odom Jr., captured hearts and increased compliance. And Midol’s shame-reducing No Apologies. Period. campaign fed a growing social movement.