NYU Langone Health and Deloitte Digital
The Return Visit

The COVID-19 crisis created a secondary epidemic, felt by NYU Langone Health as soon as the pandemic took hold. Patients throughout New York City began canceling appointments and skipping vital screenings, even after its offices made it safe for them to do so. And it knew this lack of care would create another crisis, with the National Cancer Institute estimating those missed screenings could translate to an additional 10,000 breast and colorectal deaths over the next decade.

It had to make doctors’ visits accessible anywhere, anytime. And it had to move quickly, shifting its digital health strategy, including how it runs its practices and trains staff. It also needed technology to enable access and communication, including remote check-ins, virtual visits and personally targeted communications about visits and protocols. 

The healthcare system started by launching Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enabling seamless, templated and rapid patient communications. And with continually changing information, it needed better, faster information channels to respond to shifting fears and misinformation.

The IT team launched a virtual health platform, enabling access to care anywhere at a speed that dazzled our judges. A significant technology framework undergirded this platform, providing top-quality care without needing to step foot in the doctor’s office. And when it was safe to return, patients continued to have this same connectivity to their health.

It broke down departmental silos, so technology, physician practice operations and marketing could work together. The result? A 4,300% increase in virtual patient visits during the first month of the pandemic.


Integrated Data Platform to Enable Rich Patient Insights

Indegene’s client lacked a solid data foundation. The company’s data scientists improved reusable data components, scalable data architecture, healthcare codes and existing algorithms to create additional performance metrics and synthesize major data sources. As a result, the client achieved a 60%-plus reduction in time to patient insight and a 40%-plus drop in costs.