ReachMD impressed our judges this year not just with its extensive website but also with the increasing focus on audio channels, including podcasts and digital radio. Meeting users where they are, it continues to demonstrate exceptional understanding of who the audience is and what they need, constantly exploring the learning patterns of healthcare professionals.

The brand excels at customization, tracking more than 350 behaviors to personalize the user experience and deliver insights to partners. Users read medical news over coffee, listen to specialty radio stations while commuting, load their favorite playlist on a break, stream expert interviews while exercising and watch live broadcasts at home. So ReachMD uses desktop, mobile web and apps to help them learn, delivering content on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Amazon Alexa and Google Podcasts.

Users can explore its content, including more than 10,000 podcasts. And they can tap into differentiated educational products in interactive formats with high engagement levels.

These innovations are helping advertisers connect with the precise audiences they’re looking for, driving a 313% growth in advertising over the past year. That includes a 117% increase in platform-wide advertising placements and a 358% increase in email advertising placements.

But the results that shine brightest are its growth among providers. ReachMD reports a 47% increase in new users in 2021, with an 84% relative increase in landing page views, 25% relative increase in radio listens and a 94% relative increase in session duration.



Now in its 10th year, Healio continues to stand out from competitors with ease of use and engaging content. Healio’s CME provides a dashboard that tracks earned certifications, while Rheum + Boards offers customizable quiz-building. The Healio Minute delivers the most important medical headlines. And Word Doc provides a version of Wordle with a clinical spin. Used by 37 specialties, its podcasts have been downloaded 182,000 times, with a daily email reach of 550,000.