Sanofi and Terri & Sandy
Kick Pain in the Aspercreme

Aspercreme was sucking wind, and only fifth in the topical pain relief category. Sure, to some consumers, it’s an iconic brand. Unfortunately, that set tends to live in retirement homes, not hype houses. It’s a 30-year-old pain relief brand with an 80-year-old audience.

To save the brand, it needed to speak to a younger audience, but it was stumped for an idea that would resonate. Fate intervened in the form of a TikTok video. A young woman proudly showcased her #HeelHack, sharing Aspercreme as her secret for combatting pain from high-heeled shoes, inspiring this campaign.

It helped that women, aged 25 to 45, had begun reentering the world after the pandemic, going to weddings, parties, date nights, nightclubs and even the office. That meant they were back in heels after two years in slippers, sneakers and Crocs.

This campaign, with a specific goal of increasing sales on Amazon by 10%, zeroed in on that love/hate relationship with heels. It set out to amplify the already-trending #HeelHacks. Overnight, the team created a series of videos that leveraged TikTok’s DIY aesthetic. Using in-house talent and editorial to assure an authentic feel, each video ended with a path to purchase on Amazon. 

With informed targeting and platform-tailored creative, the “Heels” TikTok activation generated 365,000 clicks, doubling its goal. Its effective engagement rate is 46% higher than TikTok’s benchmark at a cost-per-click that was 37% lower than benchmark.

The campaign increased brand awareness by 4%. It also increased sales at Amazon by 70%, seven times more than its goal.


Avrio Health and FCB Health New York
Poop Should Never Feel Painful

While 31% of Americans suffer from constipation, it is an embarrassing topic. And Colace, a small stool softener brand, has been outspent for years. To get attention, it opened the floodgates of TMI. Oversharing visceral analogies for painful bathroom trips with a catchy ukulele song, it highlighted the product’s softening ability. The effort boosted sales by 56%.