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Safe in Harm’s Way Foundation, and Neon
The Last I’m Sorry

Most marketing tries to be dazzling, memorable and trackable. This entry wins because it does the opposite, using data to build a discreet, untrackable bridge to life-saving help.

More than 12 million women are raped, stalked or physically attacked each year in the U.S. The pandemic exacerbated this, with rates rising 8% during lockdown. Yet less than 40% of victims use preexisting resources. And those in marginalized groups face heightened disparities.

People often navigate an endless maze of empty apologies from abusers who will do anything they can to stop victims from seeking help. This campaign raises awareness of domestic violence and subverts abusers’ ability to control their partner’s exposure to media. 

Two years of qualitative research revealed the importance of portraying real experiences and nuanced narratives. Large-format billboards in 334 locations combat the controlling nature of abusers. And the website’s decision-tree matrix is deceptively bland, as it guides users through simple questions such as “I do not feel in control of my relationship.” 

Developers focused on speed, security and cross-functionality, repurposing standard web features, utilizing cookies, redirects and browser history to create an innovative and safe platform. It also offers resources for those who are LGBQTIA+, immigrants or have disabilities.

It boosted traffic to and Safe in Harm’s Way by an average of 2,000%. The biggest win of all? It’s been a bridge to safety and healing for approximately 4,200 users since launching in February 2022. 


NYU Langone Health and Deloitte Digital
The Return Visit

Targeting the millions of skipped screenings and canceled appointments that accompanied the pandemic, this effort required the client’s digital transformation, launching a virtual health platform, enabling access to care anywhere at any time. It developed entirely new messaging systems and CRM journeys aimed at easing patient fear about seeking care.