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Phexxi House Rules Campaign

Genuine innovations in birth control have been rare lately, so Evofem knew Phexxi, its hormone-free contraceptive, could be a game changer. The first and only FDA-approved use-it-only-when-you-need-it prescription vaginal gel had strong appeal, especially for those who wanted to avoid hormonal birth control methods.

That difference matters, with 47% of women discontinuing their contraceptive method because they’re dissatisfied with it, and an astounding 21 million women just giving up on birth control. That speaks to broad dissatisfaction with pills, IUDs, rings and other methods.

But it needed to teach women about this new product, which works by lowering the vagina’s pH level, making it hard for the sperm to move. It launched House Rules, a bold and disruptive campaign inside a vagina. It stars actress Annie Murphy, who encourages women to live by their own rules.

Rather than use traditional research to test the campaign, which the team felt would be the kiss of death, it turned to micro-influencers. And Murphy herself pressure tested the campaign. 

Confident that the bold “My vagina, my rules” message would delight many and alienate a few, it began targeting women who were not completely happy with their birth control, as well as those who are apathetic and feel as though they’ve settled.

And it became a social sensation, with 23.7 million paid social impressions and an 858% in engagement in the first week alone. That led to 572,000 website sessions on And within six weeks, there was a 94% increase in new prescriptions and an 81% increase in total prescriptions.


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Annovera Sponsors Vagina Appreciation Day

This birth control brand decided the vagina needed a day of its own. With comedian Whitney Cummings, it started to destigmatize the most under-celebrated body part with the best celebration of all — orgasms. Only 65% of women orgasm regularly during sex, compared to 95% of men. The effort netted 2.7 billion earned impressions, reaching 4.9 million people.