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Holographic AR Patient Profiles, Moments That Matter ~ Meet Emma and Robert

Generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP) is rare, painful, potentially fatal and widely misunderstood. It’s caused by neutrophils, a type of white blood cell, accumulating in the skin, resulting in painful pustules all over the body. And while it is distinctly different from plaque psoriasis, dermatologists often mistake the two. 

So this effort aims at providing physicians with a clear visual understanding of the rare condition. And it offers insight into the emotional stories of patients with GPP, demonstrating the traumatic impact this disease can have on patients. 

These impressive AR tactics pair progressive technology with new media and emerging production techniques and bring Robert and Emma into the room with providers in true 3-D. Produced by using volumetric video capture and animated interactive digital media, these two patients bring their compelling storylines to  physicians.

Executed with over 100 cameras arranged, these holographic deployments are integrated into an AR program. It creates the illusion that holograms have a sense of physical presence.

Each performance also required careful wardrobe design and highly complex disease state makeup. Still shots were integrated into each vignette as the “throwback” imagery that each patient refers to when sharing their story.

Physicians are often visual learners, and these vignettes brought this rare disease to their attention an unexpected way. “I’ve never seen anything like that before,” one dermatologist told the sales team. “It was great to ‘meet’ Emma and Robert and learn about their emotional journeys.” 


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Pfizer Discovery Center

In the absence of in-person medical conferences, the Pfizer Hospital Business Unit needed to maintain the flow of hospital product information to customers. So with 3-D software and equirectangular imagery, it brought a fully immersive environment to life. Users explored indoor and outdoor virtual spaces, including separate areas where they could learn and interact with products, with the option to interact with a representative in real time.