Brick City Greenhouse

It’s not just how much Brick City Greenhouse has grown that secured its win (although that 138% increase in revenue was bound to get judges’ attention). It’s that the agency grew by embracing the ways of working that so many other agencies stumbled through. 

Brick City has been fully remote since 2017, with the transparency and flexibility that others are scrambling to develop, even years into the pandemic. 

It also differs in its determination to be what it calls a “brand first” agency, empowering people to “create the extraordinary.” That emphasis grows from many employees who fled large holding-company agencies for Brick City.

With 90% of its gains from existing clients, it also shines in the launch work it did last year. That includes Ukoniq, an oncology drug from TG Therapeutics, and Brexafemme, a women’s health anti-fungal from Scynexis.

It added 35 full-time hires in 2021, bringing the staff to 67. Among them: Minnie Damle, SVP of people and culture, to help diversify hiring efforts. It’s routinely surveying employees to explore ways to help them find a better work/life balance with unlimited PTO.

It’s committed to healthcare causes employees love, donating 5% of post-tax profits to health-and-wellness-related charities. It also works with the South Orange & Maplewood Community Coalition on Race and Medicines Development for Global Health.

“BCG is like an extension of my team,” says client Scott Mestemaker, executive director, marketing, Gilead Sciences. “From day one, it has been transparent and honest, dedicated to the success of this brand.”



Propeller’s impressive success proves that finding a niche of one’s own pays off handsomely. The agency sees itself as a cross between an AOR and a production house. And its excellence in digital strategy and omnichannel execution helped it nearly double revenue in 2021 to $15.6 million. New business includes assignments from Novartis and HemoSonics. One client calls it “a trusted confidant and business partner.”