Level Brand and Medica

Listen Up

Research revealed that Medica’s customers wanted their questions and concerns heard and also wanted help navigating insurance complexities. So the company launched an initiative to strengthen customer service skills across the entire organization and differentiate itself from other health insurance providers.

Listen Up was the internal communications element Level Brand created to help employees learn how to improve member experience. Components included videos, posters, emails, and other material.

Judges loved the focus on listening and described the overall effort as smart, creative, and thorough.

Once employees were onboard with Listen Up, Level Brand launched a related ad campaign that included
a three-part TV campaign. A documentary-style approach featuring real Medica employees was used in the spots to tell the customer service story. Radio and outdoor ads supported the TV spots.

“Great strategic insight and execution, both internally and externally,” one judge noted.

Results were impressive. Customer service ratings climbed 30%, and Medica reports that it still receives positive customer feedback across all incoming channels.

Nearly 100% of Medica employees are aware of Listen Up, and 94% believe all employees are committed to providing an exceptional member experience. The initiative is also reportedly helping attract and retain talent.


Precisioneffect and Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Cures Are Built

The concept of engineering cures for cancer was used in this campaign to encapsulate Merrimack’s approach. It resonated well with key external audiences and judges, who applauded the campaign as engaging, original, and flawlessly executed.

“This effort goes well beyond pharma and biotech clichés to break new ground,” one judge said.


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