2e Creative and Alcon Laboratories

Muck: Your Kids, Their Germs

Alcon asked 2e Creative to refresh brand awareness for two well-established anti-infective products — Ciprodex, which treats ear infections, and pinkeye treatment Vigamox.

An agency representative noted the challenge in promoting any anti-infective is that people don’t typically think about it until an infection has already occurred. The strategic insight to ensure that the products remained top of mind for parents of young children was to reach them when they are in doctors’ offices.

Rather than overtly push product information to already-stressed parents, the team created Muck, a gorgeous glossy magazine available alongside other magazines in pediatricians’ waiting rooms. Content is both educational and entertaining and includes colorful charts, quizzes, and illustrations. And, because magazines run ads, Muck‘s ads are all about Vigamox, Ciprodex, and Alcon.

Judges thought both the strategy and creative were exceptional.

Muck is an excellent resource for parents of sick kids,” one judge said. “It’s highly engaging and very topical and informative.”

The team reported that Alcon leaders and sales representatives have heralded Muck as one of the company’s most exciting campaigns. Given its success, the team is expanding Muck into a full digital platform and website ecosystem.


Duncan/Channon and California Department of Public Health

Wake Up (the California Tobacco Control Program)

Judges found this large-scale public-health campaign, which is the first to address e-cigarettes, exceptionally well executed, dramatic, and motivating. Eerie and unsettling images used across multiple channels helped increase awareness of potential dangers and of Big Tobacco’s involvement.

Results included 400,000 website visits within three months and big gains across all perceptual measures. 


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